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along with the rise of the creative economy, creative industry will become the most dynamic industries, in recent years, the film and television industry development in China is particularly significant. turbotax 2012 software This article from the China film industry tax policy, expounds the existing tax policy and development of modern Chinese film and television industry problems, and through the tax policy to several other national film and television industry analysis, puts forward some measures of fiscal policy in China film industry should take advice. Keywords: film and television industry; tax policy; the actual rate of

tax is a powerful lever to regulate the national economy, policies, favorable tax policy is the intuit turbotax 2012 online  basis to promote economic development, upgrading of industrial structure, it provides the policy basis and reference for the intuit turbotax 2012 online investment and business activities of enterprises, the equilibrium configuration guide the various resources. The main purpose of the government to adopt preferential tax policies are at the expense of tax revenue, promote the long-term development of economy and industry. After the industrial and economic growth, but also the government's tax increase year by year. 

The expansion of creative industry in the whole world, and become an important force to promote turbotax 2012 programs economic growth, while China's current tax policy has a certain role in promoting cultural and creative industries to the development, but the problem of preferential orientation is not clear, the preferential way is single, lack of incentives and other preferential policies exist, hinder the development of creative industry rapidly, the urgent need to improve. The radio, film, television industry accounts for the highest proportion of 37.1% in 2010, as China's cultural and creative industries, income of more than 180000000000 yuan. In recent years Chinese state-owned television enterprises through restructuring the swivel release enormous energy, such as the China Film turbotax 2012 mac Group, Shanghai Film Group, have made achievements remarkable market performance. After 2002, with the private capital to enter the film industry, the emergence of a large number of capital, personnel system, with the rapid development of the private film companies, such as poly Huayi media, light media, Huayi brothers. In this paper, the creative industries in the film and television industry as an example, analysis of tax policies for creative industries and some policy suggestions.